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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The Frisco Kid" Movie Review

114. The Frisco Kid

There have been plenty of buddy movies to come out of Hollywood. There have also been hundreds of cowboy movies. There have even been westerns that could be called buddy pictures. But there has never been a western or a buddy picture like this one.

Imagine a Polish Rabbi (and not a very good one) who is sent to the uncivilized America to marry a girl he has never seen and being his own temple. That would be enough story for most films. But that is only the start.

Gene Wilder plays the hard luck man of peace, who gets into trouble as soon as he arrives. Before you know it he has been set upon by bandits and stripped of almost everything of importance. He finally gathers up his clothes and his torah from the dusty ground where the theives have thrown them away. But, he is on a mission, he will continue whatever happens. Then he meets a man.

That man is bank robber Harrison Ford, and the two form an quirky and uneasy alliance. They do not understand anything about each other, but that, somehow, they like each other. What follows are harrowing and hilarious adventures that span the continent, and will make you believe that the greatest religion is friendship.

Here is the cast:
Gene Wilder . . . Avram Belinski
Harrison Ford . . . Tommy Lillard
Ramon Bieri . . . Mr. Jones
Val Bisoglio . . . Chief Gray Cloud
George DiCenzo . . . Darryl Diggs
Penny Peyser . . . Rosalie Bender
William Smith . . . Matt Diggs
Jack Somack . . . Samuel Bender
Beege Barkette . . . Sarah Mindl Bender

As long as you try not to ride a horse on Saturday I primise you will have a good time riding along with the Frisco Kid!

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