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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"All That Jazz" Movie Review

109. All That Jazz

How is it that a Bob Fosse movie could be on this list? The director of "Lenny" and "Cabaret" did to film what he had done to dance, he reinvented a great deal of the way it could be presented.

So why would there be a film that people would have to be directed to? How about a film that is incredibly hard to watch? A Musical about death, in the first person.

It is far to much to an autobiography to be ignored, the film tells of a man who has done terrible things to the people he loved, and the only reason he can keep going it to create a "show."

The lead character is at one time a rascal and at others a truly ugly man. It is self portrait done in the most brutal honesty
most of us have ever seen.
There a moments that you will never forget,
there are moments you will always want to remember.
Despite the difficulty of experiencing the depths
of the humanity seen here,
you will ultimately be glad you saw it.

Here is the cast:
Roy Scheider . . . Joe Gideon
Jessica Lange . . . Angelique
Leland Palmer . . . Audrey Paris
Ann Reinking . . . Kate Jagger
Cliff Gorman . . . Davis Newman
Ben Vereen . . . O'Connor Flood
Erzsebet Foldi . . . Michelle Gideon
Michael Tolan . . . Dr. Ballinger
Max Wright . . . Joshua Penn
William LeMassena . . . Jonesy Hecht
Life and Death set to music and dance.
What more could you ask of a movie?

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